The poster for While You Live, Shine, a film by Paul Duane. A gramophone on a hill at sunset with the film title on the right and laurels in the bottom-right corner.

While you Live, Shine – VFX

We are proud to have line produced and created the Vfx and titles for this highly emotive world music documentary ‘While You Live, Shine’ for acclaimed director Paul Duane.

We worked with an exceptional team including Patrick Jordan, DoP, and Tony Cranstoun, editor.

Nick Franco created a cgi microscopic depiction of a record groove as part of the opening credits and recreated Paul Duane’s hand crafted titles for the screen.

“Great music can shift our perspectives on the world… documentaries like this can do much the same.”

“Love your life, and live it, but remember the dead, and that you won’t always be here.”
While You Live, Shine is featured on the RTE Culture website:…/937289-shine-on-paul-duane-on-his-rem…/

The music of Epirus is played so that people can dance to it, drink and be transported from their troubles, while also remembering their loved ones who have passed o