Hello! TV

Hello! TV channel

Avril MacRory (Silver Apples Media Ltd) and producer-director Nick Franco (1185films) collaborated to create new content for the Hello! TV channel, which launched in Latin America with great success.

Working on this project was a fantastic opportunity for 1185films. “We were basically given a blank canvas,” says Nick. “Avril developed a running schedule for the whole station and we then created shows to fit the schedule.”

The team came up with various programmes in keeping with the channel’s ethos, which included:

  • Hello! Today: a multi-faceted show featuring celebrity news from the world of film, fashion, celebrity and royalty, all presided over by the presenter Gaby Roslin
  • Who What Wear: a fashionista’s guide to what ordinary people are wearing, as well as their fashion influences and sources
  • Back Stage Pass: which gives you VIP access to the performers and their lives on and off stage
  • Hello! Premier: which gives you the inside scoop on the hottest films and interviews with directors and performers
  • Hello! Fashion: which brings haute couture fashion to your home while the designers speak in-depth about their influences for the latest seasonal wear.

Whether you’re starting a new television channel or developing an in-house production facility to service your content requirements look no further. 1185films can not only deliver creative content, we can strategise the channel development, including:

  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Technical requirements
  • Content delivery systems
  • Staffing requirements
  • Studio and crewing consultancy.