D2L behind the scenes, cameras pointing at the interviewee

D2L – Brightspace

Creating innovations in new virtual learning management systems across Europe and UK

Working closely with D2L’s European Regional Marketing & Business Development Manager, Sara Munoz and the Canadian in-house production team we produced three video case studies, two promotional messages from the D2L CEO and captured and edited several interviews from the London Connections event hosted every year from the Canadian Embassy in Trafalgar Square, London.

To get the full story we travelled to Delft University in Rotterdam and West Bridgeford School in Nottinghamshire and the case studies show that by enhancing their Virtual Learning Environments with Brightspace, they have delivered a more engaging and personalised learning experience.
1185 films completed and delivered the films on time and on budget while continuing to improve the overall production values of the content.

The West Bridgford School – D2L Brightspace Case Study
Delft University of Technology – D2L Brightspace – Implementation Case Study
Delft University of Technology, Students – D2L Brightspace Case Study
D2L- Connections – Celia Brigg – Advance Higher Education Interview
John Baker, CEO of D2L
D2L- Connections – Dr Daniel Belton, University of Huddersfield University Interview
D2L- Connections – Radboud University, Interview
D2L – Connection_Wendy Drake – Bournemouth University
Brightspace London Connection, Connecting Clients